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For the love of sweat

For the 💜 of Sweat

VersaClimb classes offer a low impact workout on a state-of-the-art machine that keeps your body properly aligned while getting you dripping with sweat! The VersaClimber requires you to use your upper and lower body, helping enhance proper body movement patterns for full body results. This workout is not only time efficient, but it also promotes overall strength and stability while improving brain function.

We got stuff to do

We got 💩 to do

Be ready to burn away 500-800 calories in 30 minutes! Our VersaClimbers will recruit all of your muscles, requiring your body to use more oxygen -- igniting a bigger caloric burn. Get ready to be driven by the beat of the music and the energy in the room!

Next Level

It's Next Level 🔺

With the VersaClimber, if you want it to move, you have to move! The machine does not create momentum on its own - so, it’s up to you during the entire workout to create movement. Each machine has a display screen monitoring your performance by counting total steps reached per class, average steps per minute, time elapsed, heart rate and more! Everything you need to set your fitness goals. There is a reason that top level professionals swear by VersaClimber.

Class Expierence

CLiMB and Class Experience

At our studio we offer a 30-minute beat driven, extreme cardio class led by one of our climb coaches. Each station is separated by glass panels for your convenience and safety.

You will always have a fresh towel on each machine before class, we also have a touchless water fountain, touchless check in and our studio is sanitized after every class per the CDC guidelines so that we continue to have a safe place to climb together!

Set Goals

First time climber should strive for 1500 to 1800 feet as their goal.

Be Aligned

The versa climber aligns your spine and engages all major muscle groups.


Burns twice as many calories than any other piece of equipment or form of cardio.

Low Impact

A full-body, no-impact workout. Great for your heart, easy on your knees, joints and hips.

CLiMB Crew

Hayley H

Hayley H

Tona C

Tona C.

Cait C

Cait C.

Jantel W

Jentel W.

Amber C

Amber C.

Serena S

Serena S.

Ashley M

Ashley M.

Hannah H

Hannah H.

Marissa W

Marissa W.

Our Team


Hello! I’m a boy mom and I love every second of it. When I am not running the day-to-day operations at CLiMB, I am two doors down at our sister-studio that specializes in Lagree fitness, MegaForm, doing pretty much the same, or teaching classes! I’ve been in the fitness industry for 15 plus years, spanning a few states and a few modalities; loving the journey and the people along the way.
I love DIY projects at work and at home, and all shades of the color purple. I love learning about the hearts and souls of our community here on Eugene, Oregon, and I love bringing rad things to the Pacific Northwest. My biggest passion is giving back by creating cool boutique fitness spaces that help make people feel safe and help them unveil their inner strength with all the confidence to succeed.


Hello, I'm, Danielle aka "Coach". I've been in the fitness industry for the past 14 years helping hundreds of people reach their fitness goals. I love helping clients dial in their form and technique on the VersaClimber at CLiMB (and on the Megaformer at our sister-studio MegaForm Eugene where I also teach classes). What I love most about my job besides coaching clients is creating and programing the workouts we do, it's great to watch it all come together. When I'm not in the studio I enjoy traveling, paddle boarding, camping, and spending time with my family.

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LOVE THIS WORKOUT! Super unique, challenging, and loads of fun. Love the lights int the studio, makes the environment a COMPLETE BLAST to be in!

Just listening to the instructor encourage me to push myself gave me my fastest sprint time yet!

The most fun I've ever had working out! Great music + cool atmosphere.

Serena rocks and she definitely kicked my butt.

10/10 recommend

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